I am from Myanmar. I joined STAR SE in 2017 and worked as a software development engineer.
Due to the efforts of Myanmar engineers in Japan, Myanmar engineers are recognized as excellent human resources in Japan.

I have high hopes that we will be able to hire excellent IT engineers from STAR SE MYANMAR for projects in Japan.

Come to STAR SE MYANMAR with a dream of 「SUCCESS」 and 「STRENGTH」. I want to succeed with everyone.

Managing Director Kyaw Win Thu


We are hiring engineers who can work in office of japan.

Engineers hired by STAR SE MYANMAR COMPANY LIMITED will come and work at the head office in Japan after improving their Japanese language and IT skills through practice for a certain period of time
To ensure smooth participation in IT projects and work as fully-fledged professional after coming to Japan, we provide a series of educational programs at our branch offices to enhance their Japanese language and IT skills.

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